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Mwatisi Safaris is a leader in Tanzania's big and dangerous game, plains game hunting, wing shooting and photographic safaris. The company knows what it takes to create the perfect, unforgettable safari experience of your life time as well as to provide the excellent services and incredible adventures in every sense.

 Mwatisi Safaris owns Rungwa Mzombe Hunting Concession which has unique qualities of Species. We are also specialized in tailor-made Photographic Safaris through the United Republic of Tanzania including the spice Island of Zanzibar, you will arrive as a valuable client and you will leave as a family friend with memories that will be treasured forever.

Mwatisi Safaris has anti-poaching programs to protect the hunting concession, working with the locals in providing employment, medical supplies, development of schools, housing, water projects and maintenance of local roads.

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